So I'm rebuilding using October CMS

I wanted to add some SVG animations to it and I wanted to learn some cool skills quickly. I found this tutorial from DesignCourse on This guy is very talented and I recommend watching his content as it seriously just screams excelence.

Here's the video

Also here's the codepen

I haven't really used codepen a lot even though I've listened to Chris and Dave for years now. It's a tool I'm gonna use from now on with tutorials like this so I can share them. How easy is that? Real easy!!! I was able to add the anime.js script in just by searching for it under settings/javascript/search. Typed in the name and done. What a genius setup for a sandbox and much much more. Thank you to those guys too. I recommend opening the codepen in codepen so you can see it clearly as I didn't make it resposive yet. I'll append it later as I do that. Here's the pen.

See the Pen Anime JS Tester by JKdreaming (@JKdreaming) on CodePen.