So it's not too tough

I put together a simple tutorial here to help anyone with creating a custom menu with dynamic content using Oxygen Builder 2.1. You don't need to understand what your doing here too well, just copy the code. I'll include the snippets below with the video.

Here's the code bits

Menu Button Javascript

Add an icon into the header tag that you want to be the menu button and give it a class of .menuButton or something that makes sense to you. The go to advanced, click javascript and add this code below.


Menu Pane

Add the logo and the menu and anything else you want. Use the icon option to add an "X" close icon.I chose to add the easy post option to show my latest post. Give this a class of .menuPane.

Menu Close Button Javascript

Add the class of .menuClose to the icon and add the below javascript like you did with the .menuButton icon.


Menu Pane CSS

Add this CSS to a new stylesheet and your done.

.menuPane {
  overflow: scroll;

So building a custom menu is pretty easy when it comes down to it.

I'm going to build a more complicated menu to show you how we can push the boundries too in another Tutorial using multiple menus and anime js. I love that script!