So we all use assets to get the job done and I've rarely found an asset company that delivers superbly. Good, but never ever do I want to stay after the end of a project. Till now... ENVATO!!! Your awesome. I'm going to go through every single nook and crany of this service with you to give you a clear image as to what you can do to capitalize on this great option.

First things first the themes!!!

Download CMS Templates on Envato Elements.png

I'm blown away at the selection. This could open up so many doors to making people want to try out other platforms like drupal, joomla, open cart, presta shop and of course the mad titan Magento. So many options are there. The only things though is some of the themes have issues. Most don't though so that's a good sign. I've tried so many of the magento themes. They have a lot of 2.0 options so if you working with 2.0 now your good. You'll have lotsa options to choose from. 1.0 is a little slip. The quality level of themes is quite impressive too. Browse through and your sure to find the one you want. Could they make it easier? Yup they sure could. The one drawback in this system is it has no filters and doesn't specify versions of compatability on diferent CMS's. This would be amazing to add as a feature and a direct link to theme support would be amazing too. This leads me to another issue will the creators support the themes. In most cases so far I've found the answer is yes. In some cases I've gotten zero response which kinda just blows. Oh well it's 30 bucks a month for a lot of bang. Can't be to mad just grab another theme!

We've also got a lot of HTML templates for creating something from scratch and that includes a lot of admin panel options. Email templates are available and the best part is they're made for popular email tools like! Already ready already! Beat that...

Graphics assets, photos, templates for product mockups and so much more.

Download Unlimited Stock Photos   Royalty Free Images on Envato Elements..png

I can't even begin to tell you how this has made my recent projects like the redesign of, and Having quality assets at your disposal is so great and it speeds things along in a great way. There's not too much to say here. Though I didn't get rediculous amounts of options under search I got what I needed and it's all that matters.

Download UX and UI Kits on Envato Elements.png

So what else? How about Photoshop/Illustrator actions and brushes? More fonts than you can use and even some toys for Lightroom and Sketch. That's right even Sketch.

Wait there's more

Free How To Tutorials   Online Courses by Envato Tuts .png

This is my favorite part! You get a membership to Tuts Plus where you can digest all of the new technolgy your brain can handle learning as you try to get that gig that needs Angular 2 in your resume. These tutorials are great and they're the only group I've seen that jumps on new technolgy faster than most. I've been on this thing more than Netflix so let's just say I like it. A lot...

So in closing

For the small price of $29 a month you really get a lot. This membership will make you money and it's a must have for me as I work through the day and offer my clients the best options without breaking my budget. I'm going to use it on a new site redesign this week for Check it out now and let me know what you think as I turn this .Net puppy into a fresh Magento site.