So I wanted to do something different. Making wordpress sites has felt very repetative lately and I'm here to grow. So in walks October CMS. Modern tools like Laravel, Twig, Markdown, Code Mirror and so much more.

The lightning fast CMS that has a proper editor in the backend is built on Laravel and uses twig for templating. So yeah I'm learning that. Choosing a new CMS isn't easy today. We have so many options. I almost went with GRAV, ModX and I thought about a few more, but I wanted something that used a more advanced framework and I'm really into Laravel so I made my decision. This install was as easy as wordpress. I watched countless videos on a youtube channel called Watch and Learn. This guy, Ivan is amazing and one of two people I've found pushing through this CMS to show people why October CMS is amazing.

So this is my first message and my first time using markdown. I'm leaving DUB P for my personal writing and moving to a CMS that may actually teach me a lot of things I didn't do before. I'm going to have to figure more out again like we did so long ago when we first tried to make the old, old, old, old, OLD Wordpress default theme work and making widget plugins look right took way too much time. I feel like that process made me better though and fast. I'm looking forward though. I may be in love.